About Us

Compass Press is a new press emerging onto the publishing scene. We will be bringing you fantastic titles from all genres, with a strong focus on fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and young adult. In this ever-changing industry we strive to help authors find their direction, and to help readers to find their next great adventure.

Our business model differs from many of the typical traditional presses in that we will be offering our authors a much higher royalty rate. That does mean, however, that we are not an advance paying press at this time. In the interest of being earth conscious, Compass Press is a POD (print on demand) publisher that handles both hardback (on occasion) and paperback versions, as well as eBooks. Publishing is changing and we plan to be the change we want to see in the world. We also have a new eBook line focused on fantasy and science fiction strictly for adults entitled Inferno Publishing.

We are not currently open to submissions.

Acquisitions editor and marketing director:
Elle Horne

Cover Designer:
Heather McCorkle of McCorkle Creations.